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Raquel Elfassi is a founding partner of R&D, a consultancy agency headquartered in Los Angeles that works with talent across features, short film and advertising. Her versatile experience has made &D the go-to for placing directors domestically and internationally, and a solution in the fast evolving media landscape for production companies trying to keep their finger on the pulse. Raquel and R&D also offer expertise recruiting top executive management for the content production arena, which includes integrated production companies and creative

Raquel has worked at the highest level throughout her career. She helped with the launch of The Directors Bureau alongside Mike Mills and Roman Coppola, and founded renowned representation firm Resource where she was instrumental shaping the commercial careers of award-winning directors Noam Murro and David Shane. She began her career as a director’s agent at Propaganda working with David Fincher, Mark Romanek and Michael Bay.

R&D’s focus is strategizing with talent and finding the best environment for them to develop and thrive in. Since opening its doors in 2012, the firm has been working strategically with a wide range of commercial companies to source the best filmmakers and executive talent for their needs. Raquel’s longstanding relationships with industry leadership and influencers extends beyond U.S. borders to the UK and Europe. She spent nine years abroad running Resource Paris, where she continued to work on a wide range of advertising projects while cultivating
new relationships with prominent luxury brands. R&D continues to foster management relationships in the U.S., London and Paris.