Rani Melendez

Managing Partner / EP


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Rani Melendez is a veteran of the entertainment business and co-founder of DOMO. Known for his expertise in creative production and unparalleled network of talent, Rani is one of the most sought-after collaborators among top directors and brands across the globe.

Rani’s definition of success begins at a human level. He believes in building an atmosphere of positivity and ownership within every project. From assembling a world-class team to delivering work at the highest standard, Rani’s values permeate every step of the creative process. Whether he’s helming a boutique agency, a multi-million dollar campaign or a global institution like Traktor or The Mill, Rani does so with a sense of joy and accomplishment – without ever missing a beat.

At DOMO, Rani’s philosophy works in synergy with co-founder and director Andre Stringer. Their combined expertise in business and creativity offer a rare dynamism, giving clients an edge through the ideation, creation and delivery of their projects. While Rani is a seasoned leader, his innate understanding of creativity and high-impact campaigns has made him a trusted shepherd for brands like Apple and Pepsi, as well as garnering recognition from the likes of Cannes, Emmys, The Grammys and numerous others.