Lynsey Atkin

Creative Director

Havas London

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Lynsey is a Creative Director at Havas London, in charge of Durex, Carling and Heathrow.
2018 also saw her create work for Rolls Royce and the Department for Education.

She started as a designer for Neville Brody before co-founding the printing / publishing company, Ditto. Specialising in counter-culture, the company released titles such as ‘Pigs Disco’, ‘Ninja Turtle Sex Museum’ and ‘How to Disappear: A Memoir for Misfits’, which was awarded the prestigious English PEN/Ackerley award.

Lynsey curve-balled into advertising as a creative strategist at BBH – working across entertainment brands such as ITV, MySpace, Virgin Media and The Guardian – whose brand campaign ‘The Three Little Pigs’ was the UK’s most awarded film in 2012.

Lynsey joined Havas after being Head of Creative Development in Conde Nast’s video team (British Vogue, British GQ and WIRED UK), overseeing work both editorially and for brands like Burberry, Gucci and Intel – that were awarded Webbys, Lovies and Shots Awards.

What preoccupies you most at present?
Southwark Council’s repair line.