Juana O’Gorman

Global Creative Director

Ogilvy Paris

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I’ve been working at Ogilvy Paris since 2015.

I’ve worked previously at David São Paulo and Ogilvy Argentina as Creative Director. Before that I had worked at Del Campo Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi. And before that… before that I was too young to remember.

I work with an amazing team of different origins and, when he doesn’t stink too much, with my 6 y/o pug Gnocchi Souza Da Silva.

Originally from Argentina, I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese. And now, being very positive, also French.

I’ll spare you from the boring paragraph on awards. Not that I don’t care about them. I just think they don’t define me or my career.

I’m tired of this over victimization of women but I do think we need the same rights and I will always fight for them. With solid work as my main weapon.

I love what I do. I repeat, almost every day, I-LOVE-WHAT-I-DO.

What preoccupies you the most at present?
That I hear less and less the words “let’s talk”.