Gijs Determeijer



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Gijs Determeijer is one of three partners at HALAL, an award-winning creative agency, film production company and photography agency. As Executive Producer, Gijs’ out of the box mindset has steered HALAL from its infancy in the Netherlands to adulthood as an international player.

Directors developed under his supervision include Emma Westenberg and Emmanuel Adjei, and he also introduced big-shot international directors like Ryan Staake, Salomon Ligthelm and Karim Huu Do to the Netherlands.

Driven by the spirit of collaboration, Determeijer is devoted to exploring non-traditional paths within branded content, short-form and artistic collabs, and in this spirit he has overseen hundreds of productions for global brands including Nike, Swatch, ASOS, Samsung, Stella McCartney, adidas, G-Star, Volkswagen and Greenpeace.

He is on the board of the ADCN, Club for Creativity and the Committee for Soho House, Amsterdam, and has also been on several juries including the ADCN Awards, the AICP, Ciclope, and was Chair of the YDA jury in 2021.