Ariel Leon Isacovitch


The Roots Production Service

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Nine years ago, I formed The Roots. When you name a company there are so many choices, anything goes in many respects, there are so many influences and there are so many opinions. Back then I thought about so many people I knew who had chosen interesting and eclectic names for their companies. I wanted a name that reflected the way that I look at the world, at people, at life. I realized that what was so important to me was story, history, experience. Today I am proud to share that we are called The Roots. A bit about my self as well to have some context, born and raised in Israel, in the last 20 years always floating in different seas, with a mixed cultural background. His natural sense of curiosity brought me to lay roots in South America. The Roots production service today with offices in Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. Producer of the last 3 films of Werner Herzog and Executive Producer of hundreds of tv ads.