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7th April 2020
Six of the best creative music videos
Music videos may be staying at home but they're certainly not standing still. Take a look at the latest work from this time of isolation and some others made in the day when it was still ok to be touchy feely

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Phenom directed by Erin S. Murray and Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux

Chaz Cardigan, Not OK! (Quarantine Edition) directed by Will Kindrick, Radical Media

Lorn, Timesink directed by Pavel Brenner, Dagger, Virgin Soil, Red Pepper Film, The Panics, FRIEND, Cream Paris

AIGEL, You’re Born directed by Andzej Gavriss, TakeShot

Real Estate, Paper Cup directed by Nick Roney, Stink Films

Orville Peck, Queen of the Rodeo directed by Austin Peters, Radical Media


Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Phenom

Directed by Erin S. Murray and Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux

Produced by Victoria Fayad

Choreography by Erin S. Murray

Grip: Molly Skonieczny


Chaz Cardigan, Not OK! (Quarantine Edition)

Director, Editor, VFX:  Will Kindrick
Producer: Jennifer Heath
Production Company: Radical Media
Commissioners:  McKee Floyd, Nicky Berger


Lorn, Timesink

Director: Pavel Brenner
Cinematographer: Christopher Ripley
Executive Producers: Pavel Brenner, Ania Markham, Jules Tervoort and Luke Tierney
Producer: Malcolm Duncan
Production Designer: Pierre Pell
Set Dressers: Geena Ciambelli, Jennyfer Roberts
Costume Designer: Penelope Strintz
1st AC: Riley Keeton
Drone Pilot: Andrew Peterson
Drone Operators: Jake Howard, Brian Kimpson
Production Coordinator: Richard Knickerbocker
Oregon Fixer: Martin Varva
Studio Teacher: Laura Bartlett
Sound Design: Bastien Benkhelil
Storyboard Artist: Joy Sun
PA: Evan Platt
Post Production: Post Panic
VFX Supervisor: Ivor Goldberg
VFX Producer: Liene Berina, Androniki Nikolaou
Lead VFX Artists: Chris Staves, Dimos Hadjisavvas
VFX Artists: Jeroen Aerts, Davide Raimondo, Karolis Jurkstaitis, Matteo Giorni, Idun Sjödin
DMP Artist: Vincent Boudewijn
Pipeline TD: Dieuwer Feldbrugge
Edit and color: Pavel Brenner
Reindeer Provided by Timberview Farm
Production Companies: Dagger, Virgin Soil, Red Pepper Film, The Panics, FRIEND, Cream Paris


AIGEL, You’re born

Written and directed by Andzej Gavriss
Production company: TakeShot films
DP: Andrey Nikolaev
Production Designer: Julija Fricsone Gavriss
Executive Producer: Elena Panfilova
Producers: Ravil Salikhov, Natalia Butova, Rudolf Mirzoev
Line Producer: Masha Enatskaya
1st AD: Elena Senatorova
Cast: Zhenya Saveljeva
Wardrobe Stylist: Irene Rovbelle
Lead actors: Georgi Martirosyan, Evgeny Shwartz
Editor: Vlad Yakunin
Colorgrade: Matt Osborne
CG: Dmitry Talin


Real Estate, Paper Cup

Director: Nick Roney
Production companies: Stink Films & Callen

Executive Producers: Ryland Burns, Katie Lambert, & Martha McGuirk

CCO: Craig Allen
Creatives: Matt Nall / Kyle Davis
Executive Producer: Mike Davidson

Producer: Elisha Gustafson

Director of Photography: Christopher Ripley
1st AC: Jordan Utley & Spencer Goff
2nd AC: Chris Hammock & Brenna Empey
Production Designer: Cortni Wimberley & Meg Cabell
Special Effects: Roundy SPFX
Animatronic Designer: Chris Hanson
Graphics: Tiffany Wardle

1st AD: Tyson Whitney
Choreographer: Naomi Pacheco

Editor: Dusten Zimmerman
Post House: Exile Edit
VFX Supervisor: Ryan Game
VFX Artists: Alex Budlan, John Bashyam, Geoff Stephenson
CGI Artist: Vicki Juhasz
Colorist: Chris Ripley
Sound Designer: Shaun Yee


Orville Peck, Queen of the Rodeo

Director: Austin Peters

Creative Direction: Carlos Santolalla

Video Production House: Radical Media

Video Producer: Danny Dewes

Editor: Marlo Caine at Cosmos Street

Director of Photography: Bill Kirstein

Stylist: Catherine Hahn

Executive Video Producer: Jennifer Heath

Asst. Editor: Kyle Moriarty

Head of Production: Luiza Naritomi

Sound Design created by Q Department

Color and VFX by The Mill

VFX EP: Heath Raymond

VFX Leads: John McIntosh, Kshitj Khanna

VFX Artists: Luke Midgley, Lucia Hill Barroso

Colorist: Mikey Rossiter