26th November 2018
Viva la Vulva
Title of film: Libresse, Viva La Vulva
Director: Kim Gehrig
Production Company: Somesuch
Kim Gehrig, 1.4's crowned queen of technical mastery and mind-boggling visual fun, has just released this joy to the world for Libresse, the brand we're all loving since Daniel Wolfe's period piece - a top favourite with the judges at the 1.4 awards.

Libresse, #Bloodnormal

By Daniel Wolfe
Cinematographer: Monika Lenczewska
Production Design: Vova Radlinskiy
Costume Design: Gleb Ignatov
Second Unit Director: Alex Hulsey
Second Unit DOP: Deepa Keshvala
Editor: Tom Lindsay / Trim Editing
Colourist: Simon Bourne