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10th August 2014
Class A
Title of film: Les Chiens Isolés, Gobelins, Paris.
Director: Rémi Bastie
Fresh out of Supinfocom, Benoit Berthe knows a thing or two about student animation work. We asked him to select six graduation films that have captured his imagination

Benoit Berthe blew us away with his own short film, Nathan, which he completed while he was at the celebrated French animation school Supinfocom before moving to London to work out of Nexus. Mindful that Benoit has a discerning eye for great student work, we asked the young talent to choose six of the best animation graduation films ever.

“It was not easy at all to select them, as there are so many amazing animations done in different places, schools and at different times with such a variety of techniques,” said Benoit.  “Because there was such a freedom of choice, and too many possibilities, I decided to create some rules to help me with the most varied and interesting selection.

“So I chose only one graduation film from the six best schools in the world in my view and based my choice on the originality of the visual and scenario. Also, the selection is from 2000 onwards as the old graduation films are too difficult to find, and not really representative of what is done today.”

The Chosen Ones:

Les Chiens Isolés (2011) Animation: Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Paul Lacolley, Kevin Manach, Nicolas Pegon, Jérémy Pires, Gobelins, Paris.

Camera Obscura (2007) directed by Jean-Michel Drechsler, Matthieu Buchalski, Thierry Onillon, Supinfocom, Valenciennes France

Will (2012) directed by Eusong Lee, Calarts

La Queue de la Souris (2007) directed by Benjamin Renner, La Poudriere, Valence, France

The Eagleman Stag (2010) directed by Mikey Please, Royal College of Art, London

Loom, directed by Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Filmakademie Ludwigsburg


Les Chiens Isolés, Gobelins, école de l’image 

Rémi Bastie
Nicolas Dehghani
Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Paul Lacolley
Kevin Manach
Nicolas Pegon
Jérémy Pires


Camera Obscura (2007) Supinfocom, Valenciennes France

Jean-Michel Drechsler

Matthieu Buchalski

Thierry Onillon


Will, Calarts, California

Director/writer/animator: Eusong Lee
Composer & musician: Julian Kleiss
Voice: Dario Barrera
Sound Designer: Paul Fraser
Co-arrangement & mixing: Tomio Ueda


La Queue de la Souris, La Poudriere, Valence, France




The Eagleman Stag

Director / Writer: Mikey Please

Music composition: Benedict Please
Sound design: Benedict Please
Dubbing Mixer: Mauricio D’Orey
Peter Easleman: David Cann
Philip:  Tony Guilfoyle

Set design & model making: Mikey Please, Dan Ojari, Adam Halogen, Gemma Taylor, Laura Bateman, Sean Robert Hogan, Steve Hutton, John Wilkinson, Rebecca Fox, TD Van Der Beek, Jessie baker

Produced @ The Royal College of Art



Directors: Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay

Technical director: Fabian Pross
Production company: Filmakademie BW
Producer: Regina Welker
Sound: Joel Corelitz / waveplant
Artists:Felix Mertikat, Jin-Ho Jeon, Roman Kälin, Tom Weber, Christian Hertwig, Silke Finger, Jacob Frey, Leszek Plichta, Georg Schneider, Anja Wacker, Andreas ‘Felix’ Gebhardt, Falko Paeper, Sarah Eim
5.1 Mix: David Axelbaum / Airstream Audio