25th April 2013
Six of the best creative commercials
Title of film: Fiorucci, The Profiteers
Director: Nico Perez Veiga
Production Company: Mercurio Cinematografica / Primo Buenos Aires
Primo's Nico hams it up, Czar.be is Belguim's liquid asset, and Biscuit absolutely takes the cake. Cryptic? All is revealed in Related Content

Fiorucci, The Profiteers directed by Nico Perez Veiga, Mercurio Cinematografica / Primo Buenos Aires

Jupiler, Truck directed by Martin Werner, Czar.be

Land Rover, Tumble directed by Noam Murro, Biscuit Filmworks

Milk, directed by Raf Wathion, Czar.be

Ikea, Time for Change directed by Mike Maguire, Biscuit UK

Old Spice, Shower directed by Steve Rogers, Revolver, Biscuit


Fiorucci, The Profiteers

Production Company: Mercurio Cinematografica / Primo Buenos Aires
Regia: Nico Perez Veiga
Executive Producer: Francesco Pistorio
Producer: Alessandro Cavriani
Fotografia: Paco Femenia
Post Production video: You-Are, Milan
Editing: Damaso Queirazza
Operator Flame: Enrico Rivoire
Color Correction: Luca Parma – Corte 11, Milan
Post Production audio: Suoni, Rome.
Operator MIX: Claudio Bresciani.
Original Music: Riccardo Cimino

Agency: McCann WorldGroup
Executive Creative Director: Alex Brunori
Chief Operating Officier: Gianluca Ruggiero
Art e Creative Director: Gaetano Del Pizzo
Copywriter: Francesca Pagliarini
Executive Producer: Fabio Cimino


Jupiler, Truck


Director: Martin Werner

Production Company: Czar.Be

DOP: Martin Ruhe

Editor: Martin Van Hove

Editing: Het Digitaal Geweld

Post Production: Bacon X

Creative Director: Tim Driesen

Creative: Pieter Claeys, Luc Shih

Associate Creative Director: Jean-Marc Wachsmann, Iwein Vandevyver

Account Manager Marlies Neudt

Executive Producer: Eurydice Gysel

Producer: Fred Vrancken


Land Rover, Tumble


Agency – Y+R NY

Chief Creative Officer – Jim Elliott

Global Creative Director – Marc Sobier

Global Creative Director – Andrew McKechnie

Art Director – Eduardo Quadra

Copywriter – Paul Wood

Executive Director of Production – Letitia Jacobs

Executive Producer – Craig Jelniker

Executive Producer Music – Jessica Dierauer

Production Company – Biscuit Filmworks

Director – Noam Murro

Managing Director – Shawn Lacy

Executive Producer – Colleen O’Donnell

Head of Production – Rachel Glaub

Producer – Jay Veal

Editing – Rock Paper Scissors


Sound – Heard City

Music Company – Tone Farmer

Music Arranger – Ray Loewy


Vlam And European Milk Foundation, Milk


Director: Raf Wathion

Agency: Darwin, Brussels

Production: Czar.be, Brussels


Ikea, Time for Change directed by Mike Maguire


Agency – Mother

Agency Producer – Anna Murray

Creatives – Tim McNaughton and Freddy Mandy

Production Company – Biscuit Filmworks

Director – Mike Maguire

Producer – Gustav Geldenhuys

Executive Producer – Orlando Wood

Managing Director – Shawn Lacy

Director of Photography – Ulla Pontikos

Production Designer – Alexis Ross

Post Production – The Mill

Editing – Final Cut

Editor – Ed Cheeseman

Music – Time For Change originally performed by Motley Crue, arranged by Tom Player, performed by Palace of Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra and The Heritage Singers.

Audio Post – 750mph


Old Spice, Shower

Creative: Nathaniel Lawlor

Creative: Jason Bagley

Art Director: Croix Gagnon

Production: Revolver / Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Steve Rogers

Director Of Photography: Ben Seresin

Producer: Pip Smart

Executive Producers : Shawn Lacy, Lindsay Reed, Holly Vega, Michael Ritchie

Post Production: The Mill Los Angeles

Editing Company:  Work Post

Music: Libman Music

Editor: Rich Orrick

Head Of Production: Ben Grylewicz