Flying High, Longlist - Branded


Yuriy Dvizhon

Magnit Production

Yura Dvizhon, creative director of UKRAINEPRIDE and the film’s director, tells how he came up with the video idea: “When I came back to Kyiv after two months in the war, I was nostalgic about last summer and our ‘Pride’. I remembered all those bright moments that I experienced during last year’s rave. And I wanted to visualize them and also show what our queer community is doing now. Some community members work as doctors, some volunteer, and some fight at the front line. LGBTQ people are part of the great victory that awaits Ukraine in the near future.”

Yuriy Dvizhon is a film director and LGBTQ activist. He is highly experienced in creative industries. He has been directing music videos for Ukrainian artists for more than 5 years, and has shot over 40 videos. In 2019, Yuriy received the "Top 30 under 30" award from the oldest English-language newspaper Kyiv Post for his contribution to the development of Ukrainian society. In 2021 he started to direct fashion videos for famous Ukrainian brand FROLOV. Some of them were officially selected or won at Ukrainian and international fashion video festivals (La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, Rome International Fashion Film Festival, Kyiv Fashion Film Festival, Bolton International Film Festival).