Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Genesis Owusu - The Fall



Entrapment, both personal and societal, physical and psychological, stands front and centre of ‘The Fall’ - performed and recorded live at Phoenix Central Park. In this live performance film, Genesis Owusu is bound literally and metaphysically within increasingly oppressive situations in which microphones, art and architecture act as instruments of torture. His raw, ferocious performance manifests constant tension within his various restraints, in a bold statement on race, representation and the artist’s own sense of claustrophobia.

VERSUS is an independent director duo consisting of Serbian-Australian Tanya Babic and Indonesian-Australian Jason Sukadana. Meeting at art school in the roaring noughties, the two bonded over a shared creative approach of combining contemporary art theory with commercial aesthetics. Known for pairing striking visuals with a commitment to authentic storytelling, VERSUS craft compelling work with a particular focus on music, documentary and the arts. Whether directing the Wu Tang Clan or rural Australian publicans, Tanya and Jason have forged a career in bringing these sensibilities to a broad range of screen work. This has resulted in award-winning campaigns for international giants including Nike, Google, Airbnb and Youtube, to home grown brands such as Sydney Opera House, The Australian Ballet, Myer and Optus.