Flying High, Longlist - Personal Project

Space: A Skate Odyssey

Toby Morris

Longneck Film

Shot on a range of formats over several months, SPACE was initially conceived as a music video before emerging from the post-production process as a self-sustained short film. Scenes and ideas evolved as the shoot itself progressed. Rather than a pen scribbling onto a notepad, the details of the story itself were realised through the lens of a production crew, with director Toby Morris gradually piecing together the individual moments which would be needed in order to fulfil a larger vision. Replicating 1960’s Florida in present day Sydney was no small feat, and a careful combination of location, wardrobe and production design was required in order to create a seamless blend with archival footage. The initial approach was to feature the skating at the forefront, with narrative elements lightly sprinkled throughout to maintain interest. Once in the edit suite it became clear that the opposite approach was needed, the narrative taking the main seat, with moments of skating peppered throughout.

Toby’s work puts characters at the fore, finding opportunities in their journeys for unique, powerful visuals. His unique sensibility has forged a strong connection amongst youth culture, as evidenced through his work in film, music video and commercials. Toby’s award-winning films have been selected for festivals including the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, St Kilda Film Festival, Vimeo Staff Pick, Tropfest, Flickerfest, Hollyshorts and many more. His music videos have showcased Toby’s talent for crafting visually compelling narratives. They have all accrued several million views online. “Geronimo” by Sheppard has over fifty million views and was nominated for an ARIA Award, Australia’s highest honour for music video production. As a commercial director Toby has directed high-profile campaigns for clients including Qantas, Coca-Cola, The Sydney Opera House, Toyota, Telstra, SBS, Nestle and many more.