On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project, Short Film - Fiction


Thibaut Buccellato


Love is about people meeting each other for the first time, people having fun, laughing, kissing, making love, touching hands, skin, details... That’s what I want to show, the diversity, the strength, the plurality, the ambiguity of the most universal feeling there is. This film is beautiful, powerful, queer, romantic, sexual, emotional... We show a lot of different situations, depicting the multiplicity of love from the first kiss as teenager to the one from elderly people. People having sex, kissing or just hanging out and speaking. On an evening, in a bed, on a car, texting, flirting, in the street, meeting... Without any dialogues, “Loving” is a manifesto showing many shorts and visual situations on a beautiful music. Like paintings about love. « Je te laisserai des mots » from Patrick Watson, is the film’s soundtrack from the beginning to the end, becoming the binder of all these stories. “Loving” lasts about 3 minutes: it is about the power and intensity of love, so my idea was to make a short movie that would enhance that, also in the format, and allow us to be viral.

Thibaut Buccellato is a French director based in Paris. His latest work “Loving” is an ode to love, featuring a plethora of French cinema awarded rising talents. Notably, it stars Agathe Rousselle, “Titane”'s 2021 Cannes Palme d’Or hero.