On The Cusp, Longlist - Branded, Short Film - Fiction
Shortlist - Branded
Winner - Gold

The Rabbit Hole


Jyra Films

We’re well acquainted with the social justice space and have done quite a few films for non-profits. Every time, it’s a delicate balancing act, a tightrope. We have to build an approach that shines the light on these difficult subjects in a way that both gives the subjects a voice, yet simultaneously allows the audience to see their reality for what it is. So, it’s important for us to represent them properly and adequately. For The Rabbit Hole, our approach was to create a visual language that brought the audience into the world of the children - to see life from their perspective, their eyes, then switch perspectives at the last minute to create a strong sense of both empathy and awareness for the audience. Taken from its premiere on Directors Notes: “From its opening moments, the 6-minute short envelops us in a story where the purity of childhood hopes and a strong sisterly bond are disturbingly undercut by the stark realities of child exploitation and abuse born of poverty and enacted by a trusted caregiver. It’s a hard watch, but one which effectively fulfils its mandate of conveying the horrifying reality of the situation, and also demonstrates tao/s’ humanistic approach of using the power of cinema to highlight important social issues and causes.”

tao/s (Aaron & Winston Tao) are a Chinese-American writing and directing duo. Often known for their emotionally compelling and humanistic approach, their films have a strong emphasis on social causes and have been recognised by Cannes, 1.4, Kinsale Sharks, Heartland Film Festival, Beijing International Film Festival, and Vimeo Staff Picks, to name a few. Their branded film, “Sleep Well, My Baby,” won silver at the Cannes YDA Awards and was also shortlisted for “Best Short Film.” Their other branded films, “Watching,” and “SuperMaarko,” won them an additional Cannes YDA Award, the Webby Award for People’s Voice, as well as nominations for “Best Emerging Directors,” and “Best Narrative,” at the One Screen Film Festival, respectively. They are currently in development for their feature, GOODBYE, HURRICANE, an Academy Nicholls semifinalist, Sundance semifinalist, and Black List x CAPE finalist for 2021. The brothers are repped by CAA and 3 Arts Entertainment.