Flying High, Longlist - Fashion

The Art of Value

Sylvie Weber

Topaz Film

With the Art of Value, I wanted to tap in and out of a surreal world that reflects the ambiguity of our current times - its possibilities but also its regress, without being overly critical or heavy-hearted. At the same time make a playful statement to our values and hierarchical structures reflected in the handling of William’s clothes, but with the ultimate goal for the viewer to watch it and find their own meaning and interpretations within each scene.

Sylvie’s films are steeped in poetic realism, like a delicate recording of the emotional conditions of humanity, its virtues and weaknesses. They often inherit a magical twist by taking refuge in her own paradise – her imagination. Of German-Dominican descent, questions of belonging have been a driving force in her filmic exploration. Her ability to bend genres and seamlessly navigate between formats is often fueled by a focus to shift our gaze and rework historical injustice. Her debut short, The Prophetess, has won and travelled several film festivals around the globe.