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Sven Greif


The film is based on a true story of the director's family.

Sven Greif is a film director and producer from Slovenia. He believes that nothing good will come to those who don’t try. Being creative, bringing ideas to reality and influencing people with his work is more than he could ever ask for. Sometimes seeing the world a little differently feels isolating, until you find your place with people who see the value in the difference-variety. I’m finding that place and it’s never felt closer than it does right now. So, who is he? His first website simply read “Hello, my name’s Sven I’m 10 and I like otters”, while the sentiment stands he’d like to think there’s a little more to it these days. He is film obsessed, studied media communication all his life but loves nothing more than answering a problem really well, the thrill of a great idea can’t be matched.