Flying High, Longlist - Dance

NWSF - Fight Your Instincts

Steve Cope


This was a great project from KROW to work on. I loved the idea of the same person having a fight with themselves, however the real challenge for me was getting someone to slip and fall convincingly into the canal. We ruled out using a stunt double as it was going to be too expensive, so we hired a fully articulated dummy (I think he was called Rescue Randy), it's the type that the 999 emergency services use to train their personnel on. We dropped Randy into the canal and enhanced it using the CGI skills at Coffee and TV post-production dept so it looked like our actor Wilson.

Steve is a globally acclaimed director, who is renowned for his seamless integration of live action and photorealistic animation and CGI. He creates beautifully cinematic commercials with storytelling narratives which most often include his signature stamp of wry humour. Steve has won a huge number of awards for his commercial work over the years including the coveted Cannes Gold Lion and D&AD Yellow Pencil. AWARDS Cannes Lions – NCDV ‘House Hunt’ Cannes Lions – BBC Radio 2 ‘Elvis’ D&AD Yellow Pencil – BBC Radio 2 ‘Elvis’ D&AD Wood Pencil – National Autistic Society ‘Sensory Overload’ D&AD In-Book – Benadryl ‘War’ D&AD In Book – Prostate Cancer ‘Bob Monkhouse’ D&AD In Book – BBC4 Edwardian Season British Arrows Bronze – Benadryl ‘War’ British Arrows Bronze – BBC4 Edwardian Season ‘People Like Us’ APA Collection – NCDV ‘House Hunt’ APA Collection – BBC Radio 2 ‘Elvis’ Creative Circle Gold – Benadryl ‘War’ Creative Circle Gold – BBC Radio 2 ‘Elvis’ Creative Circle Gold – BBC4 Edwardian Season ‘People Like Us’ Creative Circle Silver – Prostate Cancer ‘Bob Monkhouse’ Campaign BIG Silver – Benadryl ‘War’ Clio Bronze – National Autism Society ‘Sensory Overload’ Epica Bronze – HSE ‘I Will Survive’ Kinsale Sharks Palme D’Or – BBC Radio 2 ‘Elvis’ Kinsale Sharks Grand Prix – Guinness ‘Music Machine’ Kinsale Sharks Silver – HSE ‘I Will Survive’ Kinsale Sharks Silver – Prostate Cancer ‘Bob Monkhouse’ US Promax Gold – BBC Radio 2 ‘Elvis’