Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Sweet Talker

Sophia Ray


Sophia Ray directs a whimsical fantasy epic for Years & Years and Galantis. Inspired by films like Labyrinth and Gretel & Hansel, the video for Sweet Talker is a sweet yet dark take on a fairytale, where Y&Y's Olly Alexander finds himself trapped in an enchanted castle by a mysteriously sexy Beast. The concept takes the mythical tale of King Midas and turns it on its head, as Olly finds a magic sword on his escape - which turns anyone he slays into candy. Ray shows off her talent at creating interconnected yet distinctive set pieces - most recently seen in her video for Sigrid's Burning Bridges - in an exhilarating fashion, breathing life into a candy-coloured version of a medieval fairytale. It's an alluring aesthetic in which Olly Alexander can explore his mercurial on-screen presence - and offer a glimpse of his naughty side.

Starting her career as a graphic designer, Sophia Ray carved herself a strong aesthetic direction when it came to moving image, through a mix of live action and animated projects, working with artists such as Lily Allen and 5SOS, before landing herself a VMA at the very start of her career. From here, Sophia quickly progressed into the world of branded content and pop promos, working with artists such as Ella Eyre, Ty Dolla $ign and Amber Mark. Sophia’s work is recognised for its dreamy and playful nature with slight nods to more dark, surreal undertones.