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France 3 - Les Poules

Soandsau, Ivan Grangeon

Fix Studio / Quad Group

France 3 (channel 3 on French TV) has offered its viewers animal mascots for the holiday and summer schedules since 2001. On air since the summer of 2015, the previous mascots (marmots) featured in the clips that frame commercials have since become real celebrities: their humorous scenes, which echoed the news of France 3 programs, have accumulated over 70 million views on social networks and have received no less than 41 international awards. By separating itself from its emblematic marmots, the public channel wishes to renew its image. They were replaced as of December 2021 by three new animals: gallinules. But why hens to replace marmots? Because they can be found everywhere in France and they are very popular.

Fix Studio is a post-production and VFX studio with a strong expertise and more than 20 years of experience. It is a high-end post-production house with expertise in feature film, advertising and digital contents and the post-production department of Quad Group, a French multimedia production company. Producers, supervisors and artists provide an outstanding know-how including concept design, pre-viz, shoot supervision, 2D compositing, 3D effects, animation, motion design and colour grading. Since its creation, Fix helped shape various and numerous projects, with 8 feature films and over 50 commercials per year.