Flying High, Longlist - Short Film - Fiction

There is so much

Simon Gullström

Makeriet Film

The film is called ‘Det finns så mycket’, which is Swedish and translates to ‘There is so much’. Martina Domonkos recently wrote a children’s book about conceptual art called ‘Tinis Konstiga Sagor’, translating to ‘Tinnies Strange Tales’. It consists of twelve short stories communicating the purpose behind twelve different conceptual works of art, intended for children to understand and learn. Before publishing the book, Martina asked filmmaker Simon Gullström to freely capture the essence of the book, which resulted in this film with the following explanation: “At the heart of Martina’s book, which so elegantly challenges the format of traditional children’s books, is imagination. And at the heart of all the artists, who inspired each of the twelve stories, is imagination. And at the heart of the recipients – the children – is a vast world of imagination. So I decided to make a tribute to the imagination that all of us possess, and base it around a poem with focus on people.”

Beginning of the new millennium, at the age of eight, Simon moved from Stockholm to the sunny island of Mallorca. An experience that had a big effect on him creatively and philosophically. There was something so different and inspiring with Mediterranean culture. There is always another side of the coin, another way of doing things and another way to tell the story. Since then, Simon has been driven to tell stories through captivating images. In 2013 he moved to New York to study writing and directing at New York Film Academy, and has been working with commercials, short films, documentaries and music videos ever since. This experience has given Simon a sharp pencil and visual style which he uses to build narratives with a thrilling soul and poetic touch. Most recent achievements include his 2020 nomination for a Swedish Grammy for best music video with his film LET THERE BE LIGHT.