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Sean Wang

Little Ugly

The idea for Sunday originally came as an observation of the relationships around me. For friends who were in relationships with non-US citizens, the reality of an expired visa forced couples to make complicated decisions. It was a highly emotional situation that seemed commonplace, but generally unspoken. And then, it happened to me. Sunday is my way of telling a relationship story against the backdrop of a complex situation that I’ve never seen portrayed on screen, at least not in this way. With Sunday, I want to avoid the clichéd contrivances often saved for stories of young love and instead, aim to capture the feeling of looming uncertainty and quiet heartache in an honest way. At its core, Sunday is a story about two people caught at a crossroads, where the seams of their relationship are being frayed by elements outside of their control. But, without ever approaching it directly, I want to explore how place and circumstance can affect an individual – how someone who feels so familiar to you can be held to drastically different standards because of where they’re from.

Sean is a filmmaker from Fremont, CA. He is a Google Creative Lab 5 alum, a 2020 Sundance Ignite Fellow and a 2021 ADC Young Gun. Most recently, his film, H.A.G.S (Have A Good Summer), was released by the New York Times and became one of their most popular Op-Docs of 2021. He is currently a Sundance Institute | Asian American Foundation fellow and is in development on his first feature film, Dìdi (弟弟), with the producing team of Carlos López Estrada and Kelly Marie Tran.