Flying High, Longlist - Personal

This Is My Flip

Sean Pecknold


We are living in an interesting time. Constantly in touch and connected on our fantastic mobile phones that can do so much. But they also have a detrimental-mental effect. So for the last couple of years I’ve used a flip-phone as a backup to my smartphone. I will spend a whole weekend or even an entire two weeks with just the flip. During that time I find myself more focused, more confident, and more in tune with myself and the stuff I want to put into the world. I had a voice memo of a little love song to my flip phone, and I sent it to my good friend Garett of Prism Tats, and he fleshed it out into a real song and we filmed a simple musical PSA of it.

Sean Pecknold is a DGA director, music-video director, animator, and writer. He creates modern myths exploring themes like time, death, god, nature, repetition, and loneliness. His body of work includes award- winning films and animations for Fleet Foxes, John Legend, Netflix, Dreamworks, Dirty Projectors, Google, Sony, Lyft, Headspace, The New York Times, and the BBC. A breakout star of the Vimeo community, Sean has been honored with over 18 Staff Picks. His work has been presented at film and design festivals all over the world and his most acclaimed film The Shrine / An Argument won the Best Animation at the UKMVAs in London. He runs Sing-Sing studio in Los Angeles with his partner Adi Goodrich and has taught stop-motion classes in NYC, Seattle, Los Angeles, and CalArts. He most recently directed stop-motion for two upcoming Netflix series including Song Exploder.