Flying High, Longlist - Music Video


Sean Cartwright

Middle Child Studios

Sean is a music video and commercial director based in Toronto, Canada. Sean crafts minimalist narratives that balance aspects of everyday life and childhood innocence with the exploration of things that make us human. Carefully art directed with muted color palettes and compelling visual aesthetics, Sean’s work showcases a variety of isolated subcultures and is strongly influenced by natural landscapes. Focusing on powerful narratives with dynamic visuals and a bold, contemporary aesthetic, Sean brings a thoughtful and conscious understanding to each project. He seeks to create memorable and thought provoking work that captures viewers’ imaginations in an honest and beautiful manner. His work is centred around authentic fashion, lifestyle, and sports content. His work includes graphic design projects and multi-channel audio/visual art installations that have been screened at a number of festivals and galleries around the world including: Nuit Blanche, iHeart Radio Much Music Video Awards, Berlin Commercial, L.I.M.P.A., Austin Music Video Festival, Bergen International Film Festival, AVA Digital Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, Beyond the Short, and Canadian Cinematography Awards. He is currently developing "After-Laughter" an atmospheric live-action short film based on a graphic novel by a French artist.