In The Making, Longlist - Commercial


Sandro Rados

Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

During the semester at the film academy, we were able to make an advertising film for a company / brand of our choice. We chose the alternative search engine Ecosia because we think it's an incredibly useful company. Ecosia has managed to find an interface between environmental activism and internet activism. Search queries become trees and you plant them without actually realizing it. The lethargy with which we allegedly walk through life as digital natives could finally turn into something good. We also wanted to show that everyone, no matter where they come from or what kind of circumstances they live in, could now do something good for the planet. That became the essence of the film. And it was important to us to implement this with the greatest possible stringency. The spot, which was shot as a spec, was bought by Ecosia UK a few weeks ago and will first be broadcast worldwide online in February 2021 and at a later date on TV in Great Britain. And a few months ago we got the chance to take home a silver screen at the Young Directors Award in Cannes. In addition to the awards, which we are of course incredibly happy to receive, we hope that the spot will reach a much larger audience and that we could make a small contribution to a greener planet that results from weird search queries.

As the grandson of a documentary filmmaker and photographer Sandro soon came in touch with different ways of visual communication. But before turning into a filmmaker he sold TV's and followed his love for music, played gigs and released records with his band. Starting his career as a director, he was nominated for the Swiss Advertising Award and awarded with the Young Director Award in Cannes shortly after.