Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

DJ Shadow feat. De La Soul, Rocket Fuel

Sam Pilling

Pulse Films

We live in an era of fake news and 2019 was the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing and it’s well known Buzz and Neil didn’t get on. Conspiracy theories surrounding the event are rife (fuelled in part by the internet) so the result was - What if the astronaut’s petty playground fight ruined the ‘mission’ and revealed that the whole thing was actually faked? July 20th 1969 – Neil Armstrong is about to be the first man on the moon. Or is he? Chaos reigns as the rumours and conspiracy theories surrounding the historic Apollo 11 moon landing are brought to life. With a combination of realism and high comedy geopolitics is reduced to a good old fashioned punch-up as the live broadcast unfolds on a film set. Stanley Kubrick watches on as his leading men go violently off-script… To seamlessly blur reality and fiction we shot on 35mm and 16mm film, built a life-size lunar module and mission control set and combined this with original 1960s stock footage.

Combining an inherent love of cinema and a methodological mind for craft, Sam Pilling has become an award winning director working across commercials and music videos, collaborating with artists like The Weeknd, J.Cole, Major Lazer and DJ Shadow (most notably his iconic music video “Nobody Speak” featuring Run The Jewels). No matter who he collaborates with, his videos are highly stylised set pieces based on wildly original concepts.  Sam’s branded work includes commercials for AUDI, IKEA, Lloyd’s Bank and KFC and he has won awards at Cannes Lions, D&AD, British Arrows and the UK MVA’s.