Flying High, Longlist - Commercial



Mamma Team

We wanted to capture all the spontaneity and energy of the children instead of trying to create it on set. We needed to be as flexible and as free as possible. Our instructions to the kids were more like guidelines than rules, we had a clear in and out of the scene, but we left the door open to shoot the middle in different ways. We had to react quickly in order to keep the picture alive, so the camera set-up and its narrative point of view were key to help us achieve that. Our single rule was that the camera should assume the “spirit” of those kids: very dynamic and in constant movement. And as much as possible we wanted to keep the camera at their eye level, telling the story under their point of view, not ours. Our DOP Sander Vandenbroucke and his crew came up with a special rig for the Sony Venice, we shot with the lens detached from the body to provide us with all the freedom and lightweight we needed to act freely like one of the niños.

Salsa is a Brazilian directing duo based in both Brussels and São Paulo. It's composed of visual artist Diego and copywriter Guto. Their work is shaped by thought-provoking imagery and an energetic sense of truth. In 2015 they received Gold at the Young Director Awards with their debut project “Heaven” and, since then, they have been working globally with brands such as Coca-Cola, Ikea, Toyota, Chevrolet, Pfizer, Citroen amongst others. Their work has also been recognized in awards such as Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, The One Show, London International Awards, El Ojo de Iberoamerica and MTV Europe Music Awards.