Flying High, Longlist - Short Film - Fiction
Shortlist - Short Film - Fiction

Silence 1b

Rollo Hollins


At the time I was obsessed with the idea of how we try and cope with loss, how we humans compartmentalize it and what we need in order to create safe spaces and distance from difficult events. So that was on my mind when I was searching for SFX for another film project and I began noticing these incredibly emotive, yet emotionally distant titles that SFX use – ‘Respirator, noisy’ – and wondered if film as a medium could represent that mental ‘safe space’ and distance we need to cope with difficult events.

In October, Rollo Hollins re-tweeted a picture of a single Pringle. We haven’t asked him why, but we liked it. Other tweets include a four word review of the Dune remake. And a theory on what The Matrix 4 was really all about. But when he’s not incisively deconstructing contemporary science fiction, or spreading images of snacks, he’s either making things, or winning things (an LA Shorts Award here, a BAFTA there etc). Next time you hear from him, it might be because he went to Jamaica to hang with Usain Bolt as the creative director on a number of Epson’s commercials. Or because he summed up the Gen-Z state of mind via a hyper-saturated campaign with Samsung and TikTok or Osom. Or it might be because his upcoming feature film – The Rip – is taking the world by storm (80% Florida project and 20% body-swapping clash of Enter the Void, Ready Player One and Possession), or his recent short film “Silence 1B”, which has changed the way we think about love and loss. Or, you know, it might just be because he tweeted another Pringle.