In The Making, Longlist - Animation
Shortlist - Animation
Winner - Gold

Soft Animals

Renee Zhan


This film was made using a technique called draw/erase animation. Each shot is done on one piece of paper by drawing or painting a frame, taking an image, then erasing it all and drawing on top. The entire film was made with this method and in traditional mediums like pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and oil paints.

Renee is a Chinese-American director and animator from Houston, Texas now based in London. Her work explores a range of topics such as body, nature and sexuality. Yet all of her films are incredibly balanced between the lovely and the visceral; they are deeply satisfying to watch. Renee uses a wide range of techniques in her work that have a tactile feel, breathing life into the audience’s senses. From hand drawn 2D to watercolour and claymation, she expresses something new and pushes boundaries on each project.