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Rose Gray, Synchronicity

Rauri Cantelo

The Mill

Rauri Cantelo has created the visual identity for Rose Gray's debut EP Synchronicity, with two videos including the intoxicating mix of lo-fi thrills and VFX for the title track. Originally coined by psychiatrist Carl Jung in the early 20th century, 'synchronicity' described the philosopher's argument that everything in the universe is intimately connected, and that there was a collective unconscious of humankind. Essentially implying that events happening all over the world at any one time must be connected in some unknown way. Cantelo translates this idea into Gray's trip with friends in a car, where reality begins to collide with another dimension, created by using different VFX techniques, including Photogrammetry.

Director. Photographer. Editor. Rauri utilises his multi-disciplinary experience to weave compelling visuals that melt the borders between formats. The energetic, tongue-in-cheek tones within his narratives live alongside a technical capability that comes from his familiarity of being behind the camera. Boasting an unhealthy obsession to social media, Rauri is placed at the forefront of popular culture, often creating and developing assets that bolster any marketing campaign. His selected highlights include work for FIFA, Sea Mirror, Ellesse, Ashnikko, Meridian Dan, Foxes, IAMDDB, Spotify, JME & Greentea Peng.