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Shortlist - Fashion
Winner - Gold

Benjamin Benmoyal FWSS22

Raquel San Nicolás


A woman walks without stopping, in a sort of pilgrimage inside the volcanic island of Tenerife. The universe of this fashion film is a merge of tradition and modernity. Benjamin Benmoyal identity, reminiscent of the Berber craftsmanship and aesthetics, is immersed in locations where nature has a strong presence. It was completely shot in Tenerife (Canary Islands), taking local painters and historical characters (as the canarian water carriers) as an inspiration to create a story where a woman moves forward in a sort of exodus, as a metaphor of a trip to the essence as an aim to keep close and protect tradition while we continue our journey towards evolution.

The drastic contrast between the quiet and remote place where she was born and the French capital where she has been living since 2018 influences her video and photographic work, reflecting on screen characters who feel authentic emotions, in urban spaces that often evoke a breathtaking melancholia.