On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Squid, Pamphlets

Raman Djafari


The video for Pamphlets is a meditation on the feeling of being unfit, unlovable, not compatible and the manic anxiety and stress that this results in. I wanted to explore a state of mind that I have found myself in many times. It is the fear of going outside and forcibly being confronted with everything that one cannot love about themselves, because they have been taught not to.

A master of complex transitions, surreal interpretations of the human condition and an over-worldly colour palette, Raman Djafari’s worlds are both encompassing and enchanting. His background in illustration saw him easily transpose his love for alternative realities into animation, film and music videos. In developing this surreal style Raman says, “All of my work finds its roots in my sketchbook…(it) is a surface for reflection, an external hard drive of the brain”. Art is a medium for him to understand the world and the “psychological complexions we all go through”; from unimaginable landscapes to obscure figures, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of his visual and conceptual ideas. To date, his work has amassed numerous Vimeo staff picks, Annecy Crystal Award for best commissioned film, Animattikon best animated music video and best music video at La Guarimba 2020.