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Reign Energy, Worlds Strongest Brothers

Pete Banks


Shot in August 2020 in the Scottish Highlands, ‘The World’s Strongest Brothers’ follows the lives and training of Scottish strongmen, the Stoltman brothers as they prepare their bodies to attempt world record feats of strength.

Pete has now been making films and photos for 15 years after starting out as a runner on film sets in his early 20s. After finally accepting that his passion for football greatly outweighed his natural ability as an athlete, the decision to document behind the scenes of his own Sunday league football team catapulted him into the sports doc arena with the film ’Sunday’. Pete has worked with football clubs at every completive level from the Marshes to the Champions League and has worked with names such as Leo Messi, Sergio Aguero, Paul Pogba, Samantha Kerr, Gary Lineker, Alex Scott, Mason Mount, Georgia Stanway, Jack Grealish, Anthony Joshua and Harry Redknapp. He has directed campaigns for brands such as BT Sport, Adidas, Nike, Lynx, Amazon, Budwesier, Visa and EA Sports. While his photography commissions include, The Sunday Times, Nike, Champion, Guinness, Adidas, Puma, Island Records, Sony BMG. Most recently Pete has turned his focus to documenting two of the world’s strongest men, Scottish brothers Tom and Luke Stoltman, in an eye opening documentary for REIGN.