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Sam Akpro, Death by Entertainment

Pedro Takahashi

I was contacted directly by the artist (Sam Akpro) with a request to make a 'simple video'... Things didn't go that way. Sam wanted a video that reflected the lyrics' themes of the daily grind and going round in circles - Luckily, I have been trying to pitch this concept for about two years now to other artists and it's never worked out - However, this proved to be the perfect collaboration. Myself and the cinematographer, Max Conran, extensively researched and tested various rigs that would allow us to create the motion control / repeated move effect and show a night out, before and after within the same shot. The idea to add the wall street banker element came a bit later, and I think tied everything together by adding a slightly playful tone to the video. From coming up with the initial concept to handing in the final video to the label, we took just 20 days.

Pedro Takahashi is a young director who lives and works in London. In the last few years he has collaborated with some of the most exciting and forward thinking artists in the city to make dynamic and visually experimental music videos. In 2020, Pedro was the recipient of a Vimeo Staff Pick for his music video for 'Water in the Well' by British post punk band, Shame, and his other work has also received extensive coverage in media publications. Recently, Pedro has collaborated with production company Love Song, working as a director's assistant to influential names such as Daniel Wolfe and Justyna Obasi whilst creating his own work independently.