On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film

The Fisherman

Paul Nevison


This film was made on a limited budget with a small crew consisting of DoP and an AC. We didn't have a story going into the shoot, just the family ...so we discovered the narrative as we went. The waters we filmed the diver in were crocodile infested...a fact we were only made aware of after the shoot :-/

Australia-based, Kiwi Director Paul Nevison’s work mixes real-life events with cinematic fictional elements to create evocative retellings of true stories, often giving a voice to marginalised and disadvantaged groups. Filmmaking has taken him to over 40 countries where he’s developed a style steeped in the complexities of human emotion, utilising intimate cinematic portraits to uncover truths both personal and universal. Returning to the important field of campaign filmmaking as part of child development charity Compassion's global push to eradicate child poverty, his film "The Fisherman" tells a story of family fragility, as Indonesian parents risk all for the sake of their children. Paul was a Gold Screen winner at Cannes Lions’ Young Director Award in 2020 with his film Nitachez / I Will Dance, with The Fisherman taking Silver. Described by Film Shortage as "a vivid visual experience with some absolutely breath-taking photography,” Paul’s film Volta was also awarded a YDA Gold Screen and Gold at Ciclope Africa in 2019.