Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

Take Control

Pat Hall

Stept Studios

We have been shooting with RED’s products for years and as soon as they released the Raptor with the frame rate capabilities we needed for this project we acted quickly to gain access to it as fast as possible. We were excited to be one of the first to use it in a commercial production. We ended up running the camera at 480 frames a second, and pairing it with a high speed motion-control arm created an action-packed 30 second spot out of a single take. Because the product moves so fast in real life, we loved the idea of slowing everything down so you can really see how the Theragun interacts with someone’s body. Also, because our teams live under one roof, I was able to collaborate with the creative, production and post teams from ideation to delivery.

Pat creates eye-catching visual anthems by using cutting-edge technologies and unique in-camera techniques. A native of Los Angeles, he embodies the vitality and energy of the city and his generation. As a director, Pat brings a strong background in post-production, sound design, and visual effects, so he intuitively knows what he wants to capture to create an impactful edit. Pat’s most recent work includes Whoop, Nike, Oakley, Therabody, Adidas, Future, Riot Games, and JP Morgan Chase.