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Art Comes First


Park Village

This film was an important collaboration between Fred Perry and Art Comes First (An art syndicate and clothing label owned by fashion connoisseurs Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh) highlighting the mental health struggles of black artists. Park Village director NOS captures Photographer Benji Reid's profound story of how art and expression saved him from the depths of despair.

Nos has a strong body of work for brands including Lacoste, Reebok, and Fred Perry, all of which combine his flair for diverse stories, mixed media, dynamic camera movement, imagination, pace and potency, not just in their content, but also in their creative execution. Nos first cut his teeth as a stills photographer, which gradually encouraged him to pick up a video camera. He possesses the ambition and ability to create thought provoking work containing images and stories that speak to the soul of society. Nos’ work will be instantly familiar to viewers of the award winning CH4 series Four To The Floor, and the recent reboot of YO! MTV Raps, where his creativity came to the fore in both conceiving and shooting innovative live music performance, documentary and short commercial idents. Not only did he work with some of the UK’s most exciting music talent such as Octavian, MS Banks, IAMDDB and Novelist, but he also fused the skills of his regular VFX team ingeniously. Earlier this year, his video for Che Lingo gained plaudits for its stirring and striking depiction of Black British identity. Whilst his work on the CH4 documentary Pirate Mentality is another prime example of his passion for documentary storytelling, and ability to make it authentic and exciting.