In The Making, Longlist - Commercial

Sellpy, Change for the better

Nim Kyoung Ran Sundström


Nim started out as an aspiring actor but consumed by the process she was gradually drawn to what went on behind the camera. The dream had always been to work in film and as she realized that the director was the role tying all her interests together, her mind was set. In the pursuit of understanding all the various parts of filmmaking she started off as an assistant colorist, dabbled in production design while simultaneously directing her own projects. Among other, a film for Nike on Iceland that led to her being signed as a director at 20 years old. This granted her the opportunity to assist some established directors on bigger productions, both locally and abroad, while developing her own expression in music videos and commercials. As Nim is keen on depicting real people carrying important messages, her collaborations for commercials have mostly been for various charity organizations, where her Christmas campaign for the Stockholm City Mission ended up being their most donation-driving to date. Recently she was awarded with Roy Andersson’s award for ”Best new director”, after only two years in the industry.