On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film

Omnitone Tour

Nic Kane


A short music documentary following Elder Island's 2019 Omnitone Tour. An ode to the two-way street that is the relationship between audience and musician, and a snapshot that hits a particular sense of poignancy and nostalgia given the current hold on live shows. Snippets of cine film and VHS punctuate digital footage, encapsulating the transient nature of touring, intimate moments of travel, show preparations and live performance. An insight into the inner workings of Elder Island and their hands-on approach to touring, the film highlights the deep friendship with which they combat the rollercoaster of fatigue and adrenaline that touring presents.

Nic Kane is a UK based photographer + director telling stories with emotionally engaging visuals and playful concepts for brands and individuals. Nic has worked for a wide range of clients as a photographer, and has an exciting and expanding directing portfolio.