In The Making, Longlist - Humour
Shortlist - Humour
Winner - Silver

Le Paillasson

Natasja Briers

Natasja Briers, hailing from the historically rich yet sleepily serene Tongeren, Belgium, is a director who knows how to weave past and present seamlessly. As she pursues her master's degree from the prestigious Sint-Lukas Brussels (LUCA School of Arts), Natasja has carved a niche with her character-driven films that transport audiences across time. Her previous short film, the acclaimed 'The Devil Has The Best Tunes', stands as a testament to her meticulous attention to costume and production design, having bagged numerous international awards. When the director's hat is off, Natasja can be found at her bird sanctuary, practicing her black belt karate moves, or crafting lifelike portraits. 'Le Paillasson', her graduation short film, is the latest addition to her ever-evolving portfolio, solidifying her position as a filmmaker to watch.