On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film - Fiction


Mischa Meyer

Mischa Meyer, Inc.

Four teenagers in Hollywood, CA plan a robbery – as people take to the streets protesting police brutality – and find unexpected childhood innocence in a comic book store at night.

Mischa Meyer is a commercial, music video, and film director and editor originally from Stuttgart, Germany, living in Los Angeles, California. Starting out in his hometown in the Post Production Department of a local Advertising Production Company, he soon moved to Berlin to become a freelance Editor. After building a successful career in the field of high end commercials in Germany and throughout other commercial production hotspots in Europe, like Paris and London, he moved to the U.S. First to New York City for three years, but eventually moving to Los Angeles to pursue his childhood dreams of making feature films himself. Continuing to work on award winning international commercials for clients like Nike, PlayStation, Mercedes- Benz and music videos for bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Green Day, and Metallica, he started writing and producing his own first short film ANT on the side. ANT has been an official selection in over 30 international film festivals, winning three festival for best short film and a Young Directors Award in Cannes in 2021. His first PSA/non profit piece Love Says shot in 2020 has one multiple gold, silver & bronze Clios, ADC awards, Best Edit at DWP ‘21and has been shortlisted for Best New Director at the AICP Awards ’21 as well as a Young Directors Award in Cannes. Alongside pursuing a directing career, he took on Photography more serious as well, with Leica and Magnum Photos showing interest in his works about former gang members, urban dance and illegal street racing in the streets of South Central LA and the City of Compton.