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Ocean Mother

Miko Lim

Farm League

Miko is a director of pure understated class & quality. Expertly finding the internal grace and rhythm in his sporting subjects, from skateboarding, to fly-fishing, to free-diving, he is a master of getting under the skin of his subject matter. There is an essential, visceral tone to his more energetic action films; a poetic calm to his refined cinematic portraits. It's no wonder brands like Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Diesel and Olukai and agencies including W&K, 72 & Sunny, TBWA & Venables have recently started queueing up to work with him. Miko's modesty allows for minimal boasting, but we can proudly tell you he also recently won the 2021 Sport Photographer of the Year at the Associated Press Awards and a bronze CLIO for this beautifully-told film about spear-fisher and free-diver Kim Werner.