In The Making, Longlist - Animation

Any Instant Whatever

Michelle Brand

Royal College of Art

Everything around us, including our bodies and our 'self' is constantly moving, changing and transforming, and yet we can only comprehend time by dividing it up into static differences, only making the before and after visible. The complete flow of transitions remains incomprehensible to us. Animation as a medium is the perfect tool to explore such philosophical ideas about time, movement and change - we seem to perceive movement through still images, yet each frame remains invisible to our eye. The film is a visual and conceptual journey, where time and movement become, alongside with the image itself, just another coordinate to abstract and experiment with. The room, the man, the film - everything moves and becomes one changing entity until it all dissolves and deconstructs completely, leaving only movement behind.

Michelle Brand is an animation director and sound designer based in London, who enjoys discovering new ways of expressing complex ideas visually. She studied animation at the Royal College of Arts in London and the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, UK. Her films attempt to visualise philosophical concepts, with a special focus on time, movement, and change. Playing with many different structures and aesthetics, she keeps blurring the lines between theory and practice.