On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal

Anything for LOVE

Michel & Nico


This film could be judged as the most personal of personal projects. Made with our personal gear (Blackmagic pocket camera, Lumix and Go Pro ) and 1K budget for activities ( mostly our holiday budget in summer 2019 ), and actors are our own 8 years old kids. No production involved. Pitch is simple, we wanted to imagine life without any screen during one full month - asking the boys, "what do you want to do instead - no filter in activities, we say yes to everything". ( an 8yo kid got simple ideas ) - the only deal was about them accepting to be always filmed... in the end, the lesson was for us, it was first about spending time with them.

Duo of brothers from France - ex social worker ( Michel ) and architect ( Nico ) - Passionate about telling stories in every form. Tried to become directors in 2016 - landed their very first Spot for Gillette and Grey London in 2017 - and never stopped since.