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The Outsiders

Michael Rendell

Catatonia AB

Four restless teenagers set out on a journey to an otherworldly place, located at the fringes of civilization. "The Outsiders" was shot in Scania, the southernmost of the historical provinces of Sweden. This is also where "The Seventh Seal" by Ingmar Bergman was shot. The idea for the film came to me when I found out about this company, Aircam, that had built their own Drone LED-light. I liked the idea of this group of outsiders, alienated by society but united by their quirks, performing a runway for an alien spacecraft.

When Michael was born he was just a baby. His parents put him in dance classes and in front of the piano from the tender age of four, until his late teens. During these years, he acted in several stage productions in his hometown of Malmö, Sweden. He was a self-proclaimed ”character actor” - playing diverse roles such as; a pickpocket; a drag queen and the rear end of a camel. This instilled a sensation of showmanship in the young Michael, having also been told intermittently that ”there’s no business like show business”. Michael retired from acting, and infancy, as he turned thirteen and blossomed into a strapping young man. He celebrated this transition by having a theme-less Bar Mitzvah. This was also the year when Michael made his first short film ”The Shmuck”, a parody of the 1996 movie hit ”The Rock”. The film grossed $0 at the box office, but this didn’t discourage Michael from embarking on a long and slow vocational Harakiri. Michael studied film directing at the Arts University Bournemouth and upon graduating freelanced as an editor for a couple of years. He’s been directing commercials since 2015, and juggles work with making short films and writing long form narrative. Besides filmmaking, Michael has been studying and performing improv comedy since 2018, at Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles and Presens Impro in Stockholm.