On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Israel B. & C. Tangana, Tranquilísimo


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“How can one express visually, in an interesting and original way, the Tranquility inside the Chaos?" This question, which I began asking myself, was the genesis of the music video for Israel B. & C. Tangana’s ‘TRANQUILISMO’. Without a doubt, I wanted to do a totally conceptual video, with shades of magical realism, in which I could experiment with the surreal, the mixture of the real and the unreal; a theme that is one of my cinematographic obsessions. A direct influence for the video concept can be found in the films of Luis Bunuel, 'The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie' or "The Exterminating Angel, as well as in the style of more recent work from directors Polanski and Yorgos Lantimos. I devised the basic concept: A Badass Car finds itself in the middle of a sophisticated and mysterious party for what could be a cultural elite. Inside the car, the two artists are paying little attention to the chaos surrounding them. They are in a state of complete Tranquility. Suddenly, and without an apparent motivation, these elegant and sophisticated people begin to attack the car. Their fury turns them into violent animals. Social conventions disappear and theanimality that men carry inside themselves begins to surface. Wolves arrive, while the artists sit inside their impenetrable bubble, singing/rapping and living their lives in complete tranquility, oblivious to the noise and violence outside. I see this concept as a metaphor, even a critique of the music industry. In the midst of a storm of stimulus and noise, styles, fashions, struggles and hatreds, the artists continue their path without paying attention to the storm raging around them. In my imagination, the music industry is represented by the wolf, who while the storm rages, and men are fighting one other, eats the food. The moral of the story might be, go your own way, without paying attention to what is happening around you . . . and always, "TRANQUILISIMO" (CHILLIN´)

Guillermo Mendo, AKA MENDO, is a young director from Madrid. He’s is a passionate archivist of language and audiovisual formats, and after completing his studies in cinematography and film editing, he was offered the opportunity to travel around the world, using his skills to shoot for ad agencies and brands in more than 30 countries, across 5 continents. The adventure opened up his way of seeing the world; mixing his two passions of cinema and travel in the process. A relentless reader and cinephile, MENDO is a great admirer of directors Buñuel and Polanski. He sees his passion for Music Videos, the creative freedom and the opportunities for innovation that the genre offers, as a laboratory of for experimentation; the results of which find their way into his unique work for brands, as well as his developing career as a narrative filmmaker. His ultimate goal as a director is to tell compelling visual stories with an avant-garde sensibility.