In The Making, Longlist - Short Film


Max Kane

Gas Station with a View

Frank leaves his family in search of a new home. Duck was inspired by the uncertainty and self-doubt that accompanied moving from rural Pennsylvania to Los Angeles. The film addresses my overwhelming fear that my younger brother will grow up without me, as well as my intimidation of the "superficiality" of LA. While this is a personal story, Duck addresses the universal theme of leaving home. Duck was shot across the US in early 2020 and edited during quarantine. We had a unique set-up: camera mounted on car hood, connected to a power bank, connected to a monitor, which I watched in the trunk while directing via walkie talkie. It was truly a wild shoot!

Max Kane is a filmmaker of Taiwanese and Jewish descent from West Chester, PA. From a young age, his grandparents would take him to independent movies at a local art deco theater, as well as concerts at the Philadelphia Orchestra. For as long as he can remember, he wanted to direct movies that walked a fine line between art and entertainment. Max began writing in elementary school. Beginning at age 10, his parents stumbled upon a disturbing short story he had written which resulted in many years of unnecessary therapy. Max was a nationally ranked tennis player as a junior, and went on to play Division I tennis at Bucknell University. Max has worked projecting 35mm film in Lewisburg, PA and as a Production Assistant at the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival. He is currently a Coordinator at Anonymous Content in Culver City, CA. Max makes films out of necessity. It’s his way of expressing himself and connecting with people. He has written and directed three shorts which have played at dozens of festivals. He strives to tell psychological stories that are raw and personal, but relatable to a wide audience.