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Ørsted - One Rotation

Matt Vega

Mirmade Productions

Wind turbines are impressive to look at. But if you're like most people (including me before this project,) the amount of energy they actually generate can feel unclear. Does one turbine power a single apartment? Or an entire city of apartments? With this campaign, we wanted to break down the energy potential of a single rotation of the turbine blades through stats that are as tangible as they are relatable. After all, things are most meaningful to us if we can relate to them somehow. The client was keen to keep things feeling as authentic as possible by using non-actors who are touched by wind energy in some way. My approach was to create an arc that shows the unexpected interconnectedness between their work and lives, whether directly or indirectly. To have a little fun with it, we created a little rotational device that mimics the movement of the turbines but is applied to the work on screen.

Matt Vega is an award-winning film director with a magnetic point of view. Drawing on a youth spent in New York City, Matt juxtaposes striking images with dynamic performance to create a palpable emotive core across his work. A clear, distinctive vision and thoughtful attention to detail are tenets Matt infuses into every project. His work spans scripted and docu-style commercials, branded content, and music videos. In 2022, Matt’s spot for Cisco Webex, ‘The Most Extreme,’ won Gold at the Telly Awards. He has been featured in Little Black Book and Shots Online, and his work has been presented on Booooooom, Consequence of Sound, Blackbook, and VICE.