In The Making, Longlist - Short Film


Mario Gonsalves


Patroon is a film based on extensive research between boys growing up in rough environments. The research started in the Antilles in November 2018 amongst tough street kids and young men who changed their lives and made something out of themselves. In January 2019 we continued our research by visiting various people from Kraaiennest and made the connections between the similarities from these different locations. Patroon is a film that a lot of boys growing up in broken households and in the projects can relate to. It breaks away from the stereotype of guns and drugs and focuses on the emotions and inner struggles. Patroon is meant to push the boundaries beyond what we currently have in The Netherlands regarding immigrant boys. This film is both for the outer public as well as the boys we are portraying in the film. We hope that with this film there will be a better understanding of the issues we face and that the conversations to come will help better shape our future.

All the way from the Caribbean Mario Gonsalves is a film director that aims to bring human emotions to screen. Mario’s style mainly follows characters up close and personal and due to studying cinematography he often times tends to grab the camera himself to get a one-on-one feel between his characters and the image being captured, creating a truly authentic feel and creating an even more personal experience. Mario aims to bring change in Dutch-Caribbean culture by discussing themes of Taboo, Masculinity and Migration into Europe.