On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Pressure in my Chest

Madeline Clayton


Creating this music video with Indigo was born out of our interest and exploration of an artist grappling with her own emotional and mental suffering and how complex that relationship can be. When I first heard Pressure In My Chest I was just blown away by the stoicism that came from a woman speaking quite vulnerably about her emotional turmoil, anxiety, and mental health. I really wanted to create a music video for Indigo that showcased her strength as a woman and as an artist and her unique perspective and relationship with her mental health.

Focused on telling intimate stories with energy and emotion, Madeline Clayton has developed an acute sensitivity to the human experience. By honing in on the core emotions of every story, her authentic visual language brings a unique perspective that is rooted in honesty. Striving to find hope while tackling some of life’s biggest emotions head-on, her work spans real, scripted, performance-driven and visceral genres and reframes the struggles of the human experience as the common denominator that brings us together. She is a Young Director Award Finalist and her work has won at Cannes Lions, 1.4 Awards, Sydney Queer Film Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival and has been nominated at the AICP Awards, The Webbys, OneShow, Shots, Mumbrella, and St. Kilda Film Festival Awards. Her short films have screened at 20+ prestigious film festivals internationally, most notably Palm Springs International Film Festival, and she was awarded the Iris Prize, the largest in the world for LGBTQI films, in Cardiff, Wales.